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Basically, many folks in the West are either buying, borrowing, or quickly adopting their personalities but not earning it. If they see something they like of a Western name brand, most likely, they will have to go to their local fashion marts and piece together stuff that most approximates their thoughts.They are exposed to outside influences and basically cover, paint, and adopt what they think is cool without ever having to do the internal work of naturally cultivating their personal and true image. And, there are no malls (there are big stores but not a Western mega mall). Basically, they have to build it, they have to earn it.The fact that I’m writing something in response to your very well-penned blog is my ultimate compliment to you. UB City (aka Ulan Bator) is one of the most isolated and poorest cities in the world.

Not to take away from the Mongolian culture or my guy friends in UB City (for I wish the world exhibited more of the beauty that is Mongolian culture), but I wonder if the Mongolian male and their masculinity and less self-reflexiveness only exists because their society/culture has yet to be formally challenged by the most imposing of outside forces (at least in the last 100 years.However, this is something that may not last for very much longer.IMHO there are two Mongolias – one based on a nomadic lifestyle, forced to retain the beauty of it’s culture due to basic survival and needs.At any rate, the “third neighbor” business went over exceedingly well.Personally, I have found our “third neighbors” here in Ulaanbaatar warm and welcoming, and I look forward to exploring the other "face of Mongolia,” the nomadic culture of the countryside.

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Over dinner at the posh Winter Palace, I ask Oyunaa about Mongolians marrying foreigners. The Mongolians, in general, seem to like Americans, especially the music.

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